Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Map for Every Story: Hawaii 2012 General Election

Political sign waving in Hawaii has been a tradition for decades. However, it is illegal around early voting sites through Nov 3 and around all polling places on Election Day Nov 6. Hawaii Revised Statutes §11-132 provides the details, basically no campaigning is allowed within 200 feet of a polling place including parking and access. Here's the link if you want to read the details:  
Link to Electioneering and Campaigning Factsheet
Old Electioneering Map for DP 21-02

Until now, if you wanted to see a map, you had to know the precinct (or DP) number.  Then you could go to the State Office of Elections website and download the map.  The map was also posted at the polling place.  Here's an example, the old electioneering map for DP 21-02.

But these days, with satellite images, with smartphones that know where they are, with online web maps, there must be a better map we can use for this story.  Esri worked with the State Office of Elections and the State Office of Planning to create new electioneering maps.  Here's the new electioneering map for DP 21-02.

These are not just static maps.  These maps are published online and can be viewed by anyone for anywhere in the state.  Better yet, smartphone users can use their phone to see the electioneering map for their current location.  

There is a gallery of regional maps for desktop and tablet users:

Here's the link:
Link to Hawaii Electioneering Map Gallery for Desktop and Tablets

Smartphone users, here are the links to mobile maps for each county:

Honolulu Smartphone Electioneering Maps
Hawaii County Smartphone Electioneering Maps
Maui County Smartphone Maps
Kauai County Smartphone Electioneering Maps

After you open the map on your phone, you can click the locate button (circled in red in this example) to move the map to your location.


After the polls closed on Election night, the electioneering gallery had been viewed 814 times. There were 1,173 views of the regional maps - 836 via desktop/tablet and 237 via smartphones.